This life's something that I never asked
I always have to make it through the day
Like no else would had it in the past
If only I could let them go for today

Just want to live this life straighten out
Without the need to cover the pain inside
If I could, I would go somewhere to reside
Somewhere without any those to care about

I am still right here as the day goes by
I kept praying, waiting for your reply
Seems this life's about nothing but waiting
Waiting patiently with hope that's fading

While everyone else have reasons to live
I'm searching for a single purpose for me
I'm wondering what this life turning to be?
I'm wondering if it'll ever unfold to relief

P.S. Dear God, I still love you. :)

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Dreams are real while they last.
Can we say more of life?

Now what if life's a dream
and when we die, we wake up?

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